Environmental Practices

Tiny Cow Designs is lucky enough to start out “greener” than most clothing and retail companies because our products are made to order. That said, we are not a sustainable company. We would rather be forthright with you than greenwash our store. That said, the environmental impact from us as a small business is negligible compared to that of larger stores. We also sell products of high quality that are meant to last; we hope they will be used for years. 

Pollution and waste from the fashion industry is second only to the oil industry. Between toxins that are released into local waterways and the fact that 85% of textiles end up in landfills instead of in closets, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of worldwide carbon emissions. Because our items are made to order, Tiny Cow Designs never overproduces our inventory. There is no unnecessary waste with our items. Here are our sources for the statistics stated: (1) (2).

In addition, the network of manufacturers we use allows for shorter distances travelled for our items when they ship, further reducing their carbon footprint. The manufacturers we use also value putting the planet first. They work to reduce the minimal textile waste they do produce, and proudly use an ecological printing process with nontoxic inks and dyes.

We at Tiny Cow Designs are proud to sell tote bags that are made with organic cotton and t-shirts by District® that are made from 100% recycled materials, including plastic that would otherwise sit in a landfill.

As one final part of our efforts to continuously make our company more ecologically friendly, Tiny Cow Designs offsets the carbon emissions of every order. We accomplish this through the Shopify add-on app Offset. This costs us cents to the dollar for hundreds of orders. It is extremely worth it to us to sacrifice a very small fraction of our profits to do this. (We also think that bigger companies should have no hesitation in offsetting their carbon emissions.)

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