10/26/2021: Halloween Playlists!


Hello, my dear readers. 

Welcome to the very first installment of Tiny Cow Designs’ blog. There are many things that this blog could become, but for now, it will be a place in which I can share exciting things with you. 

This week, I wanted to celebrate the season with you and share my hallowed Halloween playlists. That’s right, playlists. I’m prolific in every area of my life, dear reader.

The majority of you know that I spent my entire life in California before moving to Portland, OR, for college. That was back in 2016, and heck, I haven’t left yet. For all the beauty that California has, it does lack clear seasons. I make the joke to anyone who will listen that “Fall” for people in my hometown means wearing a sweater to the pumpkin patch in sixty degree, sunny weather. 

Since moving to Portland, fall has become one of my favorite seasons. (The other? Spring. But that’s a playlist for another time.) There is nothing quite as special as those few fall days when the air is crisp, the sun is shining, and the trees glow neon around you. What a joy it is to live in a Bob Ross painting. 

I am the type of person to revel in the season. Give me your pumpkin spice drinks, your apple cider, and limited-edition food items that are a clear cash grab. I enjoy it all. Music is a large part of how I celebrate, and this year, I want to celebrate that with you. 

I give you two spooky playlists for the season, “Spooky Vibes 2021” and “Spooky Gala.” Spooky Vibes is your standard, Indie Halloween playlist. Spooky Gala is a playlist I’ve added to slowly over the years, because Spooky Gala has an incredibly specific vibe: the songs ghouls, ghosts, and goblins would listen to if they had a grand ball. Sounds weird, I know, but the playlist gets it

Links to the playlists are below, they’re also listed publicly on my Spotify profile, under “DoomLord.” (It fits me, yes?)

Anyway, please enjoy. The playlists are on Spotify, so if you have Apple Music… have you considered not doing that? Xoxo, love you. 

Spooky Vibes 2021: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1u8gQPdaBmLMdhjhLVvaGJ?si=5f8f7f9e28924b0f


Spooky Gala: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7iVL54La9kKKyaE3mpdZCN?si=9c5e989178f84506